Aaron McCullen

Tall, strong man. Described as insane and is often referred to as Mad McCullen.


Aaron McCullen is a tall and strong man as he comes from farmer stock. He has dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He is Described as insane and often referred to as Mad McCullen, by many to include friends and family. He left his fathers farm in search of something more in life. He became an explorer and found himself useful to the local lord. Finding himself well paid and rarely bored within the employ of Lord Edmund Byrne; Aaron found that there are many interesting things to see out in the world. After an encounter in the Sylvain Forest while guarding a diplomatic party to Lorraine he became mad according to those that new him best. He began having nightmares and would tell of stories similar to the myths and legends that many parents would tell their children to make them go to bed and behave lest they be eating by a Hag or Witch. Being disowned by his family and no longer in the employ of his Lord he began to do more searching and exploring for answers to his nightmares. Currently many believe Aaron went mad and killed the party he sworn to protect.

Aaron was last seen looking for volunteers to join him on his journey but has only been met with angry sneers and judgmental glares. He disappeared approximately one year ago. His youngest sister holds on to his journal as she was the only one to believe him. She awaits his return to this day.

emeraldabsynth – portrait credit

Aaron McCullen

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