Basic Information

The Free Lands, often called Freeland, Is an open plain of fertility full of various City States. These City States have no allaigence to one nation in the same way as other nations. The kings would be more comparable to the Barons of the other lands in Tyve. The major difference is that These City States are often times smaller than the holdings of the Barons of Láidir and Lorraine. They command armies near in size to that of the Barons and have more direct control with less beaucracy as their cousins to the west. Due to this any man can be born again in the Free Lands. He has no master to swear allaigence to unless he wishes and it is far easier to leave on nations holdings to be welcomed by another. Because of this freedom there are many unsavory characters that setup shop here. There are even more people searching for their lot in life here, looking for a new begining.

Government and additional information

The Kings often times meet more than once a year, however they have all agreed to meet every new year to discuss squables and to recognize new “nations”. Each king is allowed one vote in each matter and most notably the larger nations fight, bribe, and coerce their smaller neighbors to vote on their side. Lest, of course, they wish to be assimilated or destroyed. Each year a would be “king” will move to the free lands with their money to creat a nation and unite the free lands. Each year they succeed in creating a small town or they find themselves pillaged and fed to a pit of hogs.

Major Cities
Scerraen Grekka Kaggarnvale
Major Groups
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