Basic Information.

The Imperium is generally referred to as The Old Kingdom by the free nations of Lorrain and Láidir. Little is known about the Imperium by the free nations other than the Emperor rules the nation. Many legends exist, such as the legend that the Emperor has not changed in over a thousand years but the truth of the matter is, the Imperium destroyed anything containing history of the land when they retreated back deep into to the swamps and marshes of the Haunted Delta. Because of this, much of the known world’s knowledge has been lost. Many have not cared as they continue to live their simple lives and their only real worries are that of the Orcish and Goblin Hordes and taxes.

Government and additional information

The Imperium’s government is that of a mageocracy. The republic’s governing body is made up of elected Mages named the Sanctum. The Mages are chosen through their efforts or merit, lineage, and their Magical discoveries. These Mages then elect an Emperor based on merit and the aformentioned qualities. The Emperor serves until death or deposed by a unanimous vote of the Sanctum. The current Emperor has been in power for approximately 1000 years. Emperor Constance was selected by the Sanctum unanimously, however the Lich Vondur would not cede power to the new Emporer. This led to the The Great Turmoil and civil war. This allowed the rebellion of common folk to go about mostly unmolested by their overlords. To cede combat with the common folk in favor of a concentrated effort against the Lich Emeror Vondur.To ensure that many of the Imperium’s secrets were not passed on to these common rebels the Legion, the Emperor’s personal attaché, Destroyed all knowledge centers under or near control of the rebels. It is said that Emperor Constance personally disciplined many of his Legionnaires, had they disobeyed his command. It is said that he gave them a fate worse than death.

Families of the Imperium.

Each of these twelve families control a major school and region within the Imperium. The schools and families are very competitive in order to vie for power in the Santcum and eventually become the Emperor. There are few restrictions in each families’ schools, as far as limiting knowledge. Many students will study under another families’ school to train witha specific well known instructor.

Logiaous Felonious Pilarus Alteir
Dugen Wedonum Westin Far-Capiosus
Grombule Gesarious Asseria Pheonorus

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Roll playing significance.

Generally speaking all those from the free nations will spit or scoff at the name of the Imperium. Legend tells of their cruelty and the fact that little is known of them and no kingdom deals with them directly has led many stories of evil to be carried through the realm. Many believe in the more ignorant lands that merely speaking the true name of the Old Kingdom will bring a curse to that season’s crops or bring a lame new born to the herd. This is why you will generally hear them referred to as The Old Kingdom. Generally speaking most player characters will have little knowledge of the Imperium and thus most of the above information is to give a better understanding of the world and how it fits together.


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