The Kaggarn Mountains

The Kaggarn mountain range is a vast portion of the continent that is considered uninhabitable. Many ruins and other relics exist. Few passes allow passage to the Freelands or to the Imperium. The best way is considered to stay near the mountains and proceed around the Great desert to the Freelands, the Imperium and the eastern coast of Tyve. In the mountains you will find Orcs from the Eastern Hordes.

Roll playing significance.

No one is familiar with dwarves, at least those from Lorraine or Láidir. This basically means that unless the player has specific roll-playing reasons to know of dwarves or past legends and myths than they are believed to be myths and legends of old. In these mountains the dwarven lands of Kaggarn exist. The nobles of Kaggarn lead the many dwarven city states.


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