Basic Information

The country of Láidir was created during The Great Turmoil from The Old Kingdom. Freeing his countrymen the first crowned king of Láidir, King Peter O’Connell, enacted many of today’s most and basic laws and gave his generals and captains positions in his court as noblemen to best rule over the newly created country. The country has been established for just about a century and has seen very few major wars or disasters. Currently the Orcish and Goblin Hordes are their only worry. The north western marshes of the kingdom are called the Dead Marshes. The land is considered haunted and since the inception of the kingdom the king has ruled that no man or woman of Láidir may enter the lands without authorization from the king. Currently many of the kings soldiers as well as followers of The Light stand watch over the lands.

Government and additional information

The government system is a aristocracy that breaks all parts of the land down to small counties, giving their allegiance to a baron as one of their sworn banner-men. The barons then in turn give their allegiance to the king. There are four barons each with their own military and dominion of their counties. The king appoints his counsel upon taking the crown. As of the writing of this text the barons have always been a successor or relative of the original four commanders that served with King O’Connell. The King’s daughters are married to nobles and barons to shift power. At times the King will marry his daughters to nobles and barons in Lorraine to bring the two countries closer together. The King’s additional sons if born are relegated to military duties and command functions throughout the kingdom as to keep them from causing issues with the legitimacy of the thrown.

Major Cities

Faolchú is the capital of Láidir and is the ancestral home of House of O’Connell.

Applevale is a small city in a northern county. Lord Edmund Byrne is the noble of the county and has dominion of a few small cities. His small keep is less than a days journey from Applevale and is on the way to Tanncot The last stop before the Dead Marshes.

Major groups

the Noble Order of the Wolf is the knightly and noble order of the House of O’Connell. The countries major nobles and military commanders as well as those deemed worthy are inducted into the order and pledge their lives to serve the kingdom.

Church of Light is the main church and religious influence in the land. Most other religions are not known or practiced in the country. Rumors exist of heretic beliefs in the church of Light of Lorraine as well as the possible existence of other barbaric religions.

Notable Families of the Kingdom of Láidir.

This by no means a complete list. The first eight are the Noble houses of Barons of Láidir as of the writing of this text. The rest are minor and major Lords of Counties or other organizations.

| Ó Cadhal | Mánus | Branagáin | Ó Faoláin |
| Mac Ghregoir | Cnoc | Aodh | Lindsáy |
| Cádwgan | Cáwrdaf | Heulyn | Wyn |
| Byrne |
Roll playing significance

The players are encouraged to make creative choices if their characters are from this land as their choices will influence aspects of the game. Not all nobles, knights, churches, or cities are 100% planned out. Create an interesting story and help bring life to the game. Otherwise understanding how these pieces go together will bring better balance to how the lands are run and how PC’s can affect their surroundings.


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