myths and legends

Refers to normal folklore in the common tongue that is passed down from parent to child. These myths and legends often contain strange beasts and creatures and humanoids of varying and sometimes terrifying appearance. The most notable legends are that of Elves, Dwarves, and Giants.

This particular legend speaks of selfish and stubborn short stature humanoids that are in many cases uncommonly brash and irritable. The specif part of the story is used to scare children into sharing and being kind to others lest they stay short and get fat and hairy.

The section of the legends that includes Elves. The Elves and considered the most beautiful, cunning, and mysterious of all. They are a terrible trickster and often times will steal the soul of children if they don’t go to bed on time.

Giants of many accord are considered to be large humanoids, normally ugly and misshapen. Today it is believed that the mountains and hills are the remnants of the great giants of the past. Many parents tell their children not to venture too far lest they earth around them come alive and the Giant eats them from sheer hunger.

Lastly it is common to hear stories of Goblins. They are horrid terrible little creatures thought the be corrupted men. They are very active in the world and tend to attack at varying times. Children are remind to be good and mind their parents and the law of the land lest they turn evil and corrupt like the evil Goblins.

To note many are speculating that the goblins are breading with humans by taking and raping their children. This is believed to create the secretive but very large humanoids.

myths and legends

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