This page is a quick reference to different wars and disagreements in the land.

The Great Turmoil

An approximately 50 year struggle over the land. Starting the with great Lich Vondur being ousted from power as the Emperor of the Imperium. Leaving Emperor Constance in charge with a land torn apart from civil war and rebellion. These times finally ended with the establishment of the countries, Lorraine and Láidir. During this period many other changes had come about. Lorraine and Láidir continued to fight over land disputes for 20 to 30 years after hostilities with the Imperium ended. Currently the two are at peace and neither deal with the Imperium due to their legendary cruelty and the inaccessability of the Imperiums land. To cross mostly uninhabited land to reach the the Impiruim is believed to be suicide and folley. The great swamp and marshes are always obscured by mist and generaly scares away any sea going vessels or trade caravans from going near the area.

War of Avilon

A 5 year war between Avilon, the islands between Lorraine and Láidir. The King O’Connell VIII declared war on Avilon, a neutral nation, to annex them and their seaports. He was hoping to gain an advantage over Lorraine which he planned on attacking at some point in the future. Láidir lost this war in large part to Lorraine lending Avilon their chevalier. The king died 10 years afterwords. Rumors exclaim that Lorraition spies are to blame, however King O’Connell IX exclaimed this conjecture as mere mutinous and seditious speech from his siblings who have no claim to the throne. It is said that during O’Connell IX’s reign that many of his siblings tried to assassinate him with one Edward O’Connell being persecuted. Edward was able to escape to Avilon where his illegitimate family now branches off as a part of aristocracy in Avilon; still occasionally and uselessly laying claim to the throne of Láidir.


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