Welcome to Myths of Tyve

This is a “work in progress” campaign setting. The gist of the campaign is to cover the different myths and legends of the land. The players will discover many things and hopefully it will be an exciting game for both the players and myself.

Myths of Tyve

- Last entry of a dilapidated journal. -

The Imperium has been keeping a secret from us all. There is something new and different brewing in our world that seems bigger than our petty squabbles. The Old Kingdom believes they have fooled us but many have seen and taken note of these changes. These myths and legends seem to have more to them than we suspect. The disappearances in the Sylvain Forest and the supposedly uninhabitable mountains of Kaggarn. Those that ask too many questions or find themselves looking around these lands are rarely seen again. I’ve tried speaking about my findings to others but I’ve been dismissed as a drunken idiot. I will show them and they will all be in awe of what I find!

-Last journal entry of Aaron McCullen, Dated Hammer 10th, 1000th year of the House of O’Connell.

Myths of Tyve

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